Meet the Doctors

  • Drs. Andrea & Andrew Williamson

    Drs. Andrea & Andrew Williamson reside in Mount Airy, Maryland with their son, Cole and daughter Eden. They are both Doctors of Chiropractic, having received their degrees from New York Chiropractic College.

    Dr. Andrea studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Her educational focus has been on children and pregnant women. She continually educates herself on the latest trends in health and wellness and is a leader in her profession. She feels she lives the best of both worlds since she currently spends most of her time being a Mom, but also gets to help others reach their wellness potential in part-time practice. Her gentle and caring approach to others as well as being able to relate to fellow parents offers a unique healing experience.

    Dr. Andrew studied Kinesiological Sciences at the University of Maryland. He has focused his education on nutrition and wellness. He is full of energy and has a truly magnetic personality. He has an ongoing desire to learn and is constantly reading and in-turn educating others on how to better themselves. His pragmatic approach to health and well-being has helped countless others to improve their health.

  • Dr. Joseph Best

    Dr. Joseph Best is a chiropractor who earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University. He has been under Dr. Andrew and Dr. Andrea’s chiropractic care since age 6, when his family moved to Mt. Airy, Maryland. He currently lives in Mt. Airy with his wife, Colette. Dr. Joe received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Towson University. During his chiropractic education he focused on adjusting extremities and took a special interest in getting his patients to an optimum state of wellness. Dr. Joe is excited to be working with his mentors and looks forward to serving the members of his hometown. 

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